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About us

One of the most important components of our environmental values and natural resources is water.

All of our activities have been closely interrelated to the environment, hydrography, and water management measurements. As the founders of the latter DATAQUA Electronics Ltd., in 1992 we started to develop a fully electronized microprocessor controlled water level recorder without any moving parts for recording variations of the karstic water level due to bauxite mining. The recorder collected data in digital form to be directly processed by computers. Our measuring setup and equipment are protected by our Patent No. 209 850.

The water level recording system became used at more and more places: in mines, at Lake Hévíz, by the twelve National Boards of Water Conservancy, at the Hungarian and the Slovakian side of Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Barrage and by numerous water works.

As the result of our developments, beside the field recorders we are also manufacturing various (pressure, temperature and level) transmitters.

And development is not over yet...

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